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"Kári Svensson lives and works at the Faroe Islands. Kári Svensson had his first solo exhibition by the age of 17, since then he has been exhibiting in Scandinavia, USA, Iceland and the Netherlands. The past years Kári Svensson has established himself as one of the most acknowledged painters from the Faroe Islands. Throughout many years Kári has been a loner at the art scene of the Faroe Islands. His expression is far from the traditional painting of the Faroe Island, which are mostly realistic paintings of the life in the small villages. The paintings of Kári Svensson are renewing the classical landscape with his playful strokes and the abstract resemblance to recognisable nature. His paintings are very expressive and describes Káris own experience with nature through the year – how the weather changes quickly between fog, sun, storm and rain.."

Kári Svensson, Undir Borgarhálsi  20, FO-176  Velbastaður, Faroe Islands

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Kári Svensson

Undir Borgarhálsi  20

FO-176  Velbastaður

Faroe Islands